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Jasmin Quiggle, Esq.



Jasmin received her B.A. in Criminal Justice from Hamline University and graduated from Mitchell Hamline School of Law summa cum laude in the top five percent of her class. During law school, Jasmin volunteered at the Public Defender’s Office and had completed two serious felony jury trials before even graduating law school.


For over a year, Jasmin worked as prosecutor handling a wide range of felony cases. In that position, she was able to gain valuable insight into how prosecutor's think. As a defense attorney, Jasmin now uses that knowledge to defend her clients zealously and passionately through all stages of the court process. 


In her free time, Jasmin likes to cook, spend time with her family, and hike in State Parks across Minnesota.

Contact Jasmin for a Free Consultation 

(651) 300-4797

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